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Exhibition Schedule
(Every Tuesday fixed closing day)

Handmade Art Market at Kopis in Summer Handmade Art Market at Kopis in Early Summer
accessories, bags, stencil dyeing, wool, pottery...
2021/6/27 Sun - 7/10 Sat.
watashi no sukina uta -My favorite poetry-  *kopis original exhibition watashi no sukina uta -My favorite poetry
Attach an art work to favorite poetry and words.
2021/6/13 Sun - 6/26 Sat.
'Seed' The message to all the plants  *kopis original exhibition 'Seed' The message to all the plants
Message to all plants from seeds.
2021/5/23 Sun. - 6/5 Sat.
Painting and Sculpture Class Exhibition 2021 Painting and Sculpture Class Exhibition
It is a work exhibition of the students of classroom.
2021/4/25 Sun. - 5/1 Sat.
Ordermade Bag "andiamo al parco" andiamo al parco Ordermade Bag
Elegant! Pop! Kawaii! The order bag chosen from cloth.
2021/4/14 Wed. - 4/18 Sun.
Takao Sakai Chinaware exhibition -NICHIJO- Takao Sakai Chinaware exhibition -NICHIJO-
The work of the simple and modern Takao Sakai's monochrome china.
2021/4/20 Thu. - 4/10 Sat.
'Neko-ten' Crazy about Cats  *kopis original exhibition nekoten -Crazy about Cats-
The leading role is a cat.
2021/3/21 Sun - 3/27 Sat.
'SHIBORI' Traditional Dyeing from Kyoto 'SHIBORI' Traditional Dyeing from Kyoto
look at the beautiful work which the work of Takumi, craftsmen, and a cubic effect peculiar to shibori. KYOTO SHIBORI MUSEUM
2021/3/11 thu. - 3/15 Mon.
Ito-hen  *kopis original exhibition Ito-hen
The art exhibition produced from thread.
2021/2/21 Sun - 3/6 Sat.
Sweets & Otome 'Sweets & Maidens'  *kopis original exhibition It's a small world. Like < Love & Sweets
Like < Love & Sweets
2021/2/14 Sun - 2/20 Sat.
Newyear art of 'fukuwarai' Newyear art of 'fukuwarai'
laugh! laugh! laugh! Auspicious Art from kopis
2021/1/17 Sun. - 1/30 Sat.
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